The Great Tricycle Race of 2011

Today was the day – the day that all the students have been anxiously awaiting since October 18th – the day of the teacher tricycle race. In honor of our Scholastic book fair, I challenged the kids to read 700 books in a month. They read 700 books in 17 days! Today at 11:30, the students assembled on the sidewalk to watch the showdown. Katrien “Kat. A. Strophe” Vance, Michael “The Dominator” Donegan, Jessie “Gates-Smasher” Hudson, Jess “Four Leaf Cleaver” Tucker, Krista “Betty ClockHer” Crocker and Oscar “El Rey Triciclo” Cardenas took the challenge seriously and showed up in assorted costumes.

Friends inside and outside the classroom, rivals on the traffic circle
You know you're a teacher when you put your "fightin' words" on construction paper
The kids were thrilled to see this new side of their teachers
Not to be outdone by all the crazy hats, Oscar showed up in a cape
There were a few technical issues at the start that received no sympathy from fellow contestants

And they were off! Natasha’s second grade class marked the finish line with a giant sheet of paper – the winner got to smash through it. (This is not the best video I’ve ever taken, but it gets pretty funny at the end).

Everyone got a prize!
But no prize was more coveted than the first place rubber chicken
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