May 27 - school closed; May 31, 4 PM - End-of-School Program & 8th-Grade Graduation


Alum St. George – December 21, 2023

Where?      Rockfish Valley Community Center

 When?        1:00 PM rehearsal for those who want to perfom
                       7:00 PM performance time

 Who?           We hope to see lots of alums and former staff for the rehearsal time at 1:00 PM. Everyone – alums, their families and friends, former & current staff – is welcome for the 7:00 PM performance.

 What?        Every five years, Charlotte meets with alums to create a goofy, spoofy, one-time-only version of everyone’s favorite tradition. Join us in the afternoon to create the 40th anniversary version of the Alum St. George! OR, arrive in time for a 7:00 PM performance and enjoy the shenanigans.

How much to attend?          There is no charge to participate or attend; however, donations are welcome. As an audience member, if you want to be safe from participation, you may purchase a Safety Wristband for $20. If Charlotte or a cast member tries to call you up on stage, your wristband will protect you.  There will also be light food & beverages for sale. If you want to purchase an adult beverage, please bring your ID.

What if I want to participate without having to take the stage?        You will have an opportunity to write a line of dialog (keep it clean and apolitical!) when you enter. Throughout the evening, characters will draw from the Dialog Basket and share your lines.

Why?           Alums are a special part of the NBS school community. This is an opportunity to gather, share some memories of your school days, and create new memories while supporting NBS.

What if I have questions or suggestions? Please reach out to Bonnie at or 434-989-2447.


Our alums are doing amazing things! Some are in high school, some attending college and graduate school, and others are involved in a wide variety of activities and professions, including the education field, medical field, music, acting, filming making, entrepreneurs, law, nonprofit segment, hospitality industry, technology, labor industry, geophysics, journalism, and more.

North Branch is so excited that two of our alums – Autum Fish ’96 and Genevieve Hoover ’01 – are part of the North Branch team. In her role as Administrator, Autum is the warm and welcoming face of North Branch School. Genevieve guides our Early Primary students to a love of learning.

Gwynne Wood ’10 is currently touring with the Broadway production of “Oklahoma”.

Here’s a great photo of and article about Nathan Vance ’15

Maya Proulx ’93 started her own nonprofit!

Joe Hawkes ’16 named Central Virginia Runner of the Year!

Check out this article/video about a wood sculpture/functional bench created by Heath Matysek-Snyder ’92. This installation at VCU evokes Richmond’s 7-mile stretch of the James River.