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Let’s Spread Kindness

   Inspired by the song “Let’s Spread Kindness,” which includes the lyric “it starts with one thousand hearts and one thousand voices,” North Branch students created ten banners of 100 hearts to hang from the Big Room ceiling. It’s an art installation; it’s a math project; it’s a kindness reminder!
     During a Friday assembly in late January, Book Buddy pairs cut out the first round of hearts. A Junior math class counted them and determined how many more were needed to reach 1,000. Book Buddies finished the job with eagerness. Next, Juniors sorted the hearts into 10 groups of 100 for classes to use to create the banners. Then, teachers hung the festive banners so all could see the 1,000 hearts.
     The entire school-age population learned the tune and words to “Let’s Spread Kindness” and sang a rousing rendition during Friday assembly on February 2nd.

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