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St. George & the Dragon 2023 – Part 4: Alums

Every five years, North Branch brings our community together for an alum performance of St. G and the Big D. This year’s play on December 21, in celebration of our 40th anniversary, featured alums, future alums, staff and former staff, friends, and family members. 

This year’s gathering was a wild ride filled with the expected and unexpected. The show opened to the jarring chords of Ozzy Osborne’s rendition of “Deck the Halls,” performed by Michael Donegan. Furthering the chaos and merriment, everyone had the opportunity to add a line to the play by responding in writing to the prompt “And then…” The lines were drawn at random throughout the performance. There were twists and turns, and just when the actors thought they knew what was next, they were interrupted with “And then…”  For example, St. George, valiantly and comically played by Ian Donegan ’13, suddenly found himself saying to the Giant in the middle of their battle, “…in the immortal words of Keith Partridge, I think I love you.” 

Enjoy the show via these photos by Coe Sweet Photography and mark your calendars for another opportunity in 2028! (Pro tip: Click on each picture to see it full size.)

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