Joy & health to you all summer long!

The Mayan Market opens!

Jon’s Senior class opened the morning with the biennial Mayan Market. Every other year, Seniors study the Mayans and their culture. They spent several weeks learning about the Mayans and how they lived, their gods, beliefs and foods. They each picked a god to study and came to the market in costume. They also prepared natural items to trade, such as corn husk dolls, beads, rocks, shells and clay. Each Senior had a trading area with items such as fresh fruit, hot chocolate, tamales and the objects they had made in class. Every class had a turn visiting the market and trading for different items. After spending time in the Big Room trading, students went down to the annex to try the Mayan game of Ōllamaliztli , or “pitz,” in which players attempt to get a ball through the hoop using anything but their hands.

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