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Assembly, Friday, February 10th

On Friday, quite a few exciting things happened at assembly. Jessie’s Early Primary class shared their book about what they would put in a zoo. Jess and some of the younger students sang “Puff, the Magic Dragon” (which never fails to make me all teary). Some of the Juniors and a few Primary Two students, who had never performed a recorder piece at assembly before, presented us with three songs. The Juniors and Primary Two also sang a wonderful song they had been practicing during Martin Luther King, Jr. week. Two of the Senior students showed the assembly their cat’s cradle skills.

And last, but certainly not least, Melissa Hutchinson from the Wintergreen Nature Foundation came and presented the school with many wonderful gifts! The NBS students and teachers are planting a garden to grow vegetables for the Nelson County Food Pantry, and we received several small shovels, large shovels, books on gardening, soil conditioner, and several planting aids. Thank you so much! The middle schoolers were not at this assembly – on Friday and this weekend they were attending Model U.N. in Williamsburg

Jessie’s class, led by Krista, tells us what they would put in a zoo:

Puff, the Magic Dragon, sung by Jess and Krista’s and Jessie’s class:

Here are three videos of Primary Two (2nd) and Junior Ones (3rd) playing their recorders, for the first time ever at assembly!

Below, the Juniors and Primary Two sing a John McCutcheon song, “Traveling in the Wilderness.”

Melissa presented the school with many gardening gifts
A successful Cat's Cradle!
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