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Thanksgiving 2011: "Tis a gift to be simple," glitter stars, 13 moons and soup

The annual Thanksgiving program and dinner was held tonight at North Branch. Soup as been cooking for days, with the guidance of Elizabeth Ferrall and Mary Marshall. The younger students all took turns in the kitchen chopping vegetables, making butter or bringing in cider and the older students made cornbread and helped set up for the program. The program always begins with the song “Tis a gift to be simple,” which, other than the horn dance in St. George, is my favorite “North Branch moment” of the year.  Charlotte announced that it was the 28th year singing this song! We also enjoyed performances that involved glittered stars and planets, a funny turkey song and a story by the juniors about the different moons of the year. Here are the students singing to their families:

Here are the seniors and middle school students singing Sansa Kroma:


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