Joy & health to you all summer long!

A visit from Eaglebear

Yesterday, the North Branch community had the privilege of visiting with Tomas Eaglebear, a Native American from Colorado. He brought a dance troupe, the Southwest Native Dancers, with him, and they shared stories, songs, dances, Native American clothing and more with us. Pictures to follow shortly! From their website:

In 2011 and 2012, our dance troupe, Southwest Native Dancers, will be traveling throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe to present the dances, songs, and legends of the native people of Turtle Island. Our cultural presentation is based on the respect that we have for each other, our family and all of life on earth.

We are descendants of the Warm Spring Apache people, Nakai clan. Our dances are pow-wow dances done by many native peoples throughout the United States and Canada. Our legends are from the days of old, when the stories reminded us of how to be with each other and taught us the many lessons of walking in beauty; walking in peace.


They also have a Facebook page here. Thank you to the school community for putting this together, and to Tomas Eaglebear and family for coming to North Branch!

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