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Middle Schoolers Explore the Chesapeake Bay

NBS’s 11 Middle Schoolers spent 3 days last week on Fox Island, in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay.  Under the guidance of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, they explored the history, culture, geography, and ecosystem(s) of the Bay and its marsh, bringing home great memories of new challenges met and ideas discovered, as well as a heightened awareness of the way their actions at home affect those living in and on the Bay (human and critter alike).   They set crab pots, dredged for oysters, scraped the Bay grasses for peelers and other life, got to know the marsh intimately, canoed through the Bay’s “guts,” progged on its shores, and watched the moon set and sun rise each morning.  On Thursday, November 18, the Middle Schoolers will share some of their new knowledge in an evening presentation about their trip.  Parents and other interested adults are welcome to attend.


Students, Chaperones, and Fox Island Leaders pose for a "goodbye" picture on the dock.



Middle School teacher Katrien hauls in a crab pot.



CBF Leader Matt talks to the students about the Bay's watershed.



Students explore a small island against an amazing evening sky.


Unloading the day's catch -- and that evening's dinner!


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