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North Branch receives a bequest

Charlotte adjusts the building fund chart to reflect the bequest

North Branch School is honored and extremely grateful to announce that we have received a generous bequest from long-time friend and supporter, Katherine Macdonald.  Kay’s affiliation with the school began in the 1970s when Charlotte took a class from her at Sweet Briar College.  As an educator, she appreciated the philosophy and mission of North Branch School.  She was an annual contributor, and as a member of the Canopy Society, Kay included North Branch School in her estate planning.  The bequest brings over $122,000 to North Branch School. The Board of Trustees has decided to put the majority of this amount towards paying down the principal on the annex loan.  This amount will almost cut in half the amount due on the new building. The balance of the bequest will be used to honor our staff and support our Annual Fund.

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