May 27 - school closed; May 31, 4 PM - End-of-School Program & 8th-Grade Graduation

Graduation 2022

Music & Welcome: 

  • Middle School Chimes – “Ecosaisse” by Beethoven
  • Smith Coleman, Head of School – Opening Remarks
  • Primaries – “Kindergarten Wall” by John McCutcheon
  • Clara and Adele Moldenhauer and Katrien Vance –  “Home” by Emil and Julie Adler
  • Senior & Middle School Chorus –   “Living My Best Life” by Ben Rector

A collaborative poem for the graduates, written by the Junior class:

We hope that you remember:

  • Sam:  We hope that you remember: climbing trees, some with scratchy bark, some smooth; both hard to climb but feels exhilarating when you get as high as you can and it feels like you can touch the clouds.
  • Asarum:  We hope that you remember: going up in front of the school for Friday assembly, nervous, scared, feeling better when you see your friends.
  • Carter:  We hope that you remember: being with friends at the picnic tables, eating strawberry shortcake; and the tasty feeling in your mouth, and the whipped cream as the final touch!
  • Abalene:  We hope that you remember: building forts in the woods, finding big sticks to add; that feeling when you go in, that sense of accomplishment, and every time you go in you never feel sad.
  • River:  We hope that you remember: the field, your legs brushing against the grass, dodging and diving, and trying to get the flag.
  • Phoebe: We hope that you remember: art, painty fingers dipping your paintbrush in your favorite color, striping in on your paper, adding the finishing touches!
  • Cataleya: We hope you remember when they built The Friendship: swinging, climbing, sliding down the slide, playing games on the Friendship, sliding down the pole.
  • Grayson:  We hope that you remember: spinning on the tire swing, dizzy, can’t walk straight, laughing, ready to get right back on.
  • Margaret: We hope that you remember: vigorously pumping your legs till you touched the clouds soaring through the sky.
  • Althea:  We hope that you remember: St. George, nervous, heart beating, so many lines!  Friends quietly cheering you on!
  • Evan: We hope that you remember: the first day of school and say to yourself. Wow! I made it this far and I’m going to keep going!

We wish for you:

  • Annabelle:  We wish for you to have a lovely and joyful time in high school; playing, running, acting, making music and art!
  • Aiden: We wish for you to find someone to have fun with, talking together, and making silly jokes!
  • Natalia: We wish for you to have success in everything, and that your teachers and parents are proud, and that you are proud of yourself– Don’t give up!
  • Erik: My wish for you is to have excellent teachers who teach well and challenge you.
  • Chelsea: We hope that your new school is nice– outside time, art, and science, reading and math.
  • Laxman: My wish for you is to find new friends that make you laugh, leaving you giggling and gasping for breath, and you keep pushing out air until there is no air in you!
  • Daylin: We wish for you to keep making those baskets in high school.  Keep making those goals.  Keep getting those home runs.
  • Lexxy: My wish for you is art: free art, painting, clay, drawing, tracing, sewing, and sculpture.
  • Essa: I wish for you to have good teachers and awesome science classes with fun experiments!  And remember never give up, believe in yourself, be confident.
  • Malin: We wish for you to have amazing teachers, kind and knowledgeable, and winning sports teams with skilled players and dedicated coaches.
  • Galen: Graduates, my wish for you is to have a joyously fun life ahead, with laughter and love, with happiness and hopefulness.
  • Mabel: We wish for you to find laughter, fun and friends. I hope that your journey never ends. And I hope that you miss us but not too much!

Remarks from Nina, Michael, and the Class of 2022:

Conferring of the Cups & Processional:  “Pomp & Circumstance” – Katrien Vance & Heather Harris, recorder

Middle School Chimes:  “Joy and Health to You” 

  • Joy and health to you, all summer long
  • Joy and health to you, all summer long
  • Joy and health to you, all summer long
  • Joy and health when summer’s gone.

Many thanks to Coe Sweet Photography for capturing the evening in photographs!

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