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GratiTUdESDAY, 1/29/19 – Conversations about education

On this GratiTUdESDAY, we highlight the opportunities our teachers have to be involved in local, national, and even international discussions on education. Just this fall NBS teachers attended conferences and discussions led by the Virginia Association of Young Children, The Virginia School Consortium for Learning, and the Museum of the American Indian in DC. These events connect our faculty to other professionals in meaningful ways, sparking dialog and innovative ideas. Karen was even able to accompany a friend who delivered the keynote address at an international conference on Special Education in Turkey!  See the links below for video, podcast and written word examples. Katrien is featured in podcast #8 about making math moments that matter. It’s easy to spot Katrien in this group of teachers gathered at the Museum of the American Indian. Katrien is featured in the article on fostering critical thinking on page 41.

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