End-of-Year Schoolwide Program & 8th Grade Graduation: June 2, 4:30 PM

Honoring the Work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Each year on this day, North Branch welcomes current, past, and visiting students and families to take part in activities related to Dr. King’s work as a civil rights leader. Rather than just another holiday spent at home, the day has a purpose and meaning for all who attend. Each age group takes part in readings, discussions, music, and creating their own work that helps further their understanding of how far we’ve come and the work still left to do.

This year, the theme “Bridges” was first presented through the song of the same name by Bill Staines and a quote by Justice Thurgood Marshall. Students then considered issues facing us today and built physical bridges, constructed of ideas, from those problems to the world they’d like to see. Here is a video snapshot of the day.

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