Joy & health to you all summer long!


We enjoyed many and varied presentations at Friday’s assembly. First up was Oscar’s Son y Sabor (Rhythm and flavor) elective, comprised of 6 seniors (one was at a swim meet, so Oscar substituted). From Oscar: “The main goal of this elective was learning and practicing Latin-American dances like Cumbia, Merengue and Salsa. February is the African-American history month, and for the Hispanic culture, the African influence is present in our arts and dances. Cumbia, Meregue and Salsa are known as Afro-Caribbean music. For the flavor portion of our elective, we made and tasted different recipes like Postre de tres leches from Venezuela and Salpicon de frutas from Columbia. I am very proud and glad because the students enjoyed this elective.” Below, after a short trailer, is their dance presentation! I was extremely impressed that these 6th graders were able to learn three fairly complicated dances in just a few short classes.


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