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St. George and the Dragon, 2011

Yesterday, we all enjoyed the 28th production of St. George and The Dragon. Congratulations to the wonderful and hardworking cast and crew, and of course, the team of teachers who helped guide the play into being. This year, the play was on the Winter Solstice. After seven years with children at North Branch, I’ve come to see St. George as less of a play and more of a living representation of the passage of time. Each year, students have larger and more complex parts, until finally they graduate and return to see the play as alumni. Each year, parents watch their children go from preschoolers or villagers with a line or two to skilled actors that carry large parts of the play. Every year, the echoes of past winter solstices and celebrations are heard – most especially in the horn dance.

I will be adding to this post throughout break; I took hundreds of photos and many videos, but I thought I would start it, for those who would like to see!

At the start of the evening show, people bring candles up to add to the light
The Juniors began the show by playing Noel
Ding-a-ding, recently sung as part of a musical contest, was another show-opener
There was a pig went out to dig, Christmas Day, Christmas Day...
Villagers all!
Throughout the play, students and teachers provided the music
The speaking part of the play opened with a story

More to follow…

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