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Arthropod Fest 2011 and learning Spanish shapes

For the past month, Maggie’s 5th-6th grade science class has been doing a unit on Arthropods. The students all made a model of their favorite type of arthropod – the creatures were not real-life species, instead the students created their own hybrid within a realistic framework. Thus we had soda-can bugs, disco ball spiders, “Blind Ozzies” and others. Each creature had unique abilities that were specific to the type of Arthropod the students chose to research.

A student describes the abilities of his crustacean
Students used found materials to craft their creatures
A Dr. Pepper Myriapod!

Oscar’s 7th and 8th grade Spanish students showed us the geometric shapes they had crafted, and told us all about them, in Spanish!

Students described, in Spanish, the shape, color, uses and illustrations of their object
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