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Middle School Students Tackle Triple C's Challenge Course

On Monday, Sept. 12,  11 Middle School students and 2 of their teachers spent the day climbing, swinging, balancing, strategizing, and having a lot of fun together.  Guided through many of Triple C’s challenges, both high and low, the students built trust and teamwork, discovered unknown leadership and courage in themselves, and won praise for being one of the most encouraging groups their leader has seen so far this year.

The team runs forward, lifting their classmate high into the air during the "Flying Squirrel" activity.

“I learned that I have more courage and balance than I thought I did,” said one student.

“I realized that there are many things you can’t do by yourself; you need a team,” said another.

A student new to NBS wrote,  “During the whole experience, I never once feared falling or not being safe because I trusted everyone behind me and before me.  Trust is what changed my experience at Triple C.”

Another new student wrote, “I have never done anything like that before, and to my surprise, I was actually good at it!  Under other circumstances I would have said, No way that I’m doing that!  But now I feel like I want to go back there and do it again.  This once-in-a-lifetime field trip reminded me that I can do anything, as long as I put my heart into it.”

In one of their most advanced challenges, students had the option of trying the high challenge "Cat" or "Eagle" blindfolded. The blindfolded climber was guided by a student partner on the ground, giving directions.

The day was a strenuous, challenging, and wildly fun day.  We can’t wait to go back again!

Middle School teacher Katrien Vance hangs on as the class propels her into the air during the "Flying Squirrel."


One student summed up the day in poetic form:

harnesses illuminate us

like puppets in the

shadows, Climb on.

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