Joy & health to you all summer long!

A few things from the past two weeks

The first week of school was rainy due to a tropical storm, but when the sun finally came out, students enjoyed a game of Capture The Flag on the field:

Capture the Flag in progress

There will be a more detailed post on this later, but Maggie’s middle school science class has been analyzing data from the anemometer in our field. (See the article on this from Nelson County Life here). Here is one of the 7th graders explaining the data that she graphed. Every month, Maggie takes a memory card out of the anemometer and sends it to JMU for processing. After several months of wind data, we may be able to see some trends emerging as the students plot wind gusts and speed in class.

A 7th grader explains her wind graph to the school

This year’s North Branch soccer team has 4th-6th graders, with additional middle school helpers. Here is a picture from the first day of practice. We hope to play two games this year! Thank you, Jebb, for coaching the team again this year.

First day of soccer practice with Jebb

The video below shows students singing one of my favorite songs – we sing this every fall when the last day of summer approaches.

Last week during assembly I noticed an old North Branch friend waiting patiently for his turn in December (this is the dragon used in our annual school play St. George and The Dragon).

"I'll fight the Dragon bold, for my wonders have begun..."
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