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"Things Could Always Be Worse," quilts and music

Today’s assembly included a special presentation of the play “Things Could Always Be Worse,” by Krista’s Primary One class. The play was based on a Yiddish folk tale and tells the story of a family living in a tiny house during the winter. They are bothered by the small space and visit the local wise woman for advice. She tells them to bring all their animals into the house, one by one. The situation spins out of control and their former life seems peaceful by comparison. The kids had a lot of fun acting out the various animal and family parts, and they took great pleasure enacting the chaos once every “animal” was living in the house. I hope to have some video up later this week.

The man of the house goes to see the wise woman
The sun rises on another noisy morning
The cast takes a bow

Katrien’s students performed three recorder selections, including “Let It Be” and another, very technically challenging piece that was played beautifully. We also had a presentation of some very impressive quilts from Cleo’s quilting elective.

Two of the quilts made during the elective
All of the girls learned how to use a rotary cutter during the class
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