31st Annual North Branch Golf Classic - April 26, BandFair 2024 - May 5

Earth Day 2021

Everyone in school helped tend to the gardens and grounds during Earth Day 2021. Middle Schoolers turned the soil in the gardens to be ready for planting. In addition, Seniors and Juniors turned soil near the compost pile, then Seniors helped Smith reorganize the garden tool shed and Juniors and Jill picked up trash from the school grounds. (It’s been very windy lately so lunch and class items have been carried by the breeze.) Primary Blue and Yellow students planted lettuce and cleared away snow fencing, and Early Primary & Preschool lovingly transferred the radishes they had grown in paper cups into the garden. 

Since Earth Day occurs during poetry month, this year classes collaboratively wrote a celebratory poem for Earth Day 2021. You can read it here: 2021 NBS Earth Day Poem

It wouldn’t be a North Branch Earth Day celebration without our traditional snack of strawberry shortcake. You can see why it became a tradition from the pictures below – YUM! Some of our virtual learners carried on this tradition at home, making strawberry shortcake and working in their garden! 

While Earth Day is a big celebration and stewardship day, North Branch classes learn about, care for, and enjoy our beautiful surroundings of field and woods with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains every day. 


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