End-of-Year Schoolwide Program & 8th Grade Graduation: June 2, 4:30 PM

Middle School Visits Triple C Challenge Course

Middle School students along with teachers, Katrien and Jennifer, visited Triple C Challenge Course last Friday, just outside of Charlottesville. They broke up into two large groups and then, depending on the challenge, sometimes broke down further into pairs. Each group learned to work as a team to solve physical challenges. For instance, the group had to stand on a platform without falling off or touching the “lava” surrounding it and devise a plan to reach a rope hanging from a tree about eight feet away, so they could swing to that island.  On another course, a blind folded student was given verbal guidance by their partner to navigate an area filled with “landmines” (or rubber toys). In the process of learning to rely on each other, students discovered their strengths and how best to contribute to the group. They also learned how to communicate more effectively and offer criticism and praise in constructive ways that have meaning for the recipient. Then it was on to the biggest challenge, at least in terms of size, the climbing tower and zipline.

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