May 27 - school closed; May 31, 4 PM - End-of-School Program & 8th-Grade Graduation

The Donkey Prince

Primary One presented a charming play on Friday: The Donkey Prince. The play, based on a German fairy tale collected by the brothers Grimm, tells the story of a King and Queen who longed for a child. They visit a witch, who promises them a child in exchange for bags of gold. The King tries to trick the witch with bags of mixed lead and gold, and the witch takes her revenge by making the prince look like a donkey. He is to appear this way until someone loves him for who he is. He grows up at the castle, lonely in his donkey form, until a traveling lute player arrives. The Prince learns to play the lute, and goes out to travel the world. He arrives at another castle, where he falls in love with a Princess and is able to retake his human form.

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