Joy & health to you all summer long!

Hawk Watch


Today, the senior class went up to Afton Mountain to view migrating raptors. Jon and Margaret accompanied the class. It was mostly cloudy, but we were fortunate to view quite a few hawks (red-tailed, broad-winged, Cooper’s) and a bald eagle, among other birds. We were treated to a short talk by Rose, a volunteer, who taught the class about migration patterns and types of birds that we might see. She and Margaret gave the students very interesting information, such as: the peregrine falcons and osprey migrate the farthest, to the coast of South America; birds can lose up to 80% of their body fat while in transit; the birds use the updrafts of our North-South mountain chains to aid them in flight; migration is believed to be an inherited behavior; migrating falcons and Cooper’s hawks sometimes capture and eat songbirds in mid-flight. After recording and observing the migrating raptors, the students had lunch. We finished our field trip by playing Sharks and Minnows and a cooperative game with a bamboo pole.

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