31st Annual North Branch Golf Classic - April 26, BandFair 2024 - May 5

Assembly and a special birthday

During Friday’s assembly, we celebrated the birthday one of our long-time teachers, Natasha Jahrsdoerfer. The gift and card presentation illustrated some of the many things that are special about North Branch. Natasha was given a basket of notes and cards from alumni. The basket was presented by one of Natasha’s former kindergarten students, who is also the daughter of Toni, our Junior Two teacher! Natasha also got cards from parents, current students, and board members. Then she was serenaded by the whole school:

We were also celebrating the 100th day of school! Natasha’s class made special hats with 100 stickers and Krista’s class brought in their collections of 100 things.

Collections included lego, hair bands, beans, corn and more

Michael’s native earth pottery elective showed us their final creations (more pictures to come later).  They built a pit kiln for this and dug up clay from a riverbank in our woods! This elective was made possible by a grant from The Lego Group.

Michael and the native earth elective show the finished items

Katrien’s middle school group has been memorizing The Constitution. After explaining to the younger students that it was like a “set of instructions” for our country, the older students shared it with the assembly:

One more video of the Juniors reciting their haikus to come!

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