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NBS Alum Makes a Difference in Actions and in Words

Last year, Jack Luecke, a 7th grader in the Middle School class, attended a river clean-up day sponsored by the Rivanna Conservation Society. A short while after that, Katrien read about a writing contest sponsored by a brand new magazine, called Positive Impact.   The magazine, which is both an on-line and print magazine, asked people to choose someone making a positive impact on the world and write a personal essay about that person and his or her impact.  Katrien gave that assignment to the 7th graders, as part of their year-long study of world-changers.  The students worked on crafting a strong beginning to their essay, telling the story with detail, and ending in a powerful way.  Jack chose to write about his experience with the Rivanna Conservation Society, and Katrien submitted his story, along with the other 7th graders’ stories, to the magazine.

Just this week, Katrien learned that Jack’s story was chosen as one of the winners of that writing contest, and it is now published on the Positive Impact website.  Here is the link, so that you can read his story:

Congratulations, Jack, for making a difference with both your actions and your words!

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