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Graduation 2010

Wednesday, June 2nd marked North Branch School’s 27th annual graduation ceremony. This year we had four graduates: Orion Bloom, Kyra Miller, Zach Volpendesta and Gwynne Wood.

The graduates: Zach, Gwynne, Orion and Kyra

We had warm but beautiful weather for graduation. Charlotte began by thanking parent helpers and volunteers. The teachers’ efforts throughout the year were also applauded. They received a lovely gift of chocolates made by Rachel Smith, North Branch class of 2000.

Charlotte thanks all of the teachers

After that, we sang goodbye to beloved Junior class teacher Robin Luecke. The Middle Schoolers, along with Michael and Katrien, made up this song to the tune of “Ghost Riders in The Sky.”

Robin receiving a plum tree as a goodbye gift

Next, the four graduates were serenaded with a personalized version of “Rattlin’ Bog” that Charlotte and company had modified for the graduates.

“Pomp and Circumstance,” in classic North Branchian recorder style, accompanied the grads on their traditional walk around the circle.

Each student took a few moments to talk about their experiences at North Branch and to thank teachers, parents and friends.

In this next video, graduate Orion Bloom plays “In a Sentimental Mood” on the trumpet. Sorry for the in-audience filming, but he did such a nice job I thought it should be posted anyway.

After the ceremony, we sang the traditional year-end wish for joy and health as we left the circle. People lingered (well, some of the younger and more eager members of the audience rushed straight to the dessert table) to speak with the graduates, say goodbye to teachers, and enjoy the various cakes, cookies and fruit.

And another school year has gone! It really is true what “they” say about life with children: the days are long but the years are short.

Please check back – I will be posting more videos and photos from graduation over the weekend.

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